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with only so much strength to tell you i love you,

♥ a.
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a seventeen year old, overly jovial girl living in her own world. an english literature student. has the god-given talent of writing and is an art student with little artistic talents. has acrophobia. doesn't really care if she's percieved as wierd, unique or judged as an unoriginal. grew up as a performer and a writer. believes she is gifted with the power or words and creativity. feels awkward and shy quite often. fangirl, but not to the extreme. throroughly believes that there are women out there who watches football for the game, and not just for the men. a conservative - she's not very big on the skin for she believes that less is more. beauty is skin deep. doesn't really matter who you are, ain't going to change for you or for anyone else.

for you make me weak on my knees,
Arsenal FC is my life, my soul, my passion and where I belong. Sometimes you don't choose your team, it chooses you. Cesc Fabregas to me, is not only our midfiled maestro, but our Captain Supreme. I don't follow no family traditions; I'm a Gunner Girl, through and through. Win, loose, draw. I follow other leagues, and I'm a tremendous fan of Valencia, though I have a tiny crush of Santi Cazorla of Villareal. Spain is the country I love endlessly, and my own country .. comes a close second. I write for Portrait Magazine.

& i don't know if i can survive now,
gerenal interests; photoshop, football, wrestling, graphic design, journalism, reading, music, dancing, songwriting, poetry, photography, fashion and the art of imagination.

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"He gave me the chance to be where I am today and He’s the one that can take it all away from me. So at the team hotel, I pray before sleeping and I pray again in the morning. There is nothing more important for me than God."
- Emmanuel Adebayor.